Is Wi-Fi Safe for children? Beware of kids Netbooks



When it comes to Wi-Fi, there is a debate going on as to its safety. Wi-Fi sends signal which helps us to connect our gadgets to the internet. Quite naturally, it is wireless and is a revolution in itself. Also, considering the fact that the range of Wi-Fi can be very good, it is owing to this technology that internet can be accessed often on the go and at places like café and internet. Children who use Wolvol cheap netbooks also make use of Wi-Fi in order to access the net.



Wolvol cheap netbooks are small, light and cost-effective. Parents buy them for the kids so that the little ones can take these gizmos to the school. Most schools these days ask their students to bring a computer of their own. Schools are also installing Wi-Fi machines so that their students can easily access internet. But a section of the society holds out the notion that Wi-Fi can be unhealthy and constant exposure to it can cause serious health problems.



Though there have been certain evidences and anecdotes to support this theory, it hasn’t been concluded scientifically. So, even the scientific community holds out different views! While some feel that regular exposure to Wi-Fi may indeed affect the child’s system in some way or the other, others maintain that the effect, if any, is too weak to cause any visible change.



In any case, the merits of Wi-Fi outnumber its demerits. As a concerned parent, you may wait and watch! But as of now, there is no confirmed theory which says that Wi-Fi can be dangerous. 




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