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In simple words, a netbook is a smaller sized laptop. The basic difference between the two is the size of the screen and the in-built capacity of the computer. A laptop has a much wider and bigger screen with a large in-built memory capacity whereas a netbook has a much smaller screen with a small internal memory capacity. The functions of the two are however, mostly the same with the laptop having a few additional advantages.


The greatest advantage a Buy Mini Netbook Online has to offer is its portability. Because of its small size and light weight, it is extremely easy to carry around your person at all times. For people who feel the need to be constantly connected with the rest of the world via the Internet, this is the perfect buy for you. A mini netbook offers you fast Internet access so that you can browse the web and send and receive emails with ease. It also makes life much simpler by allowing you to download handy applications like Google maps and the like. Of course if you have an android configured mini netbook all these apps will come pre-installed in your netbook. A mini netbook is a cross between a laptop and a smart phone and comes in handy when you are stuck in situations with nothing to do. You can watch movies, listen to music and play HD games on your mini netbook with ease.


A mini netbook makes for the perfect birthday or Christmas present. It is equal parts educational and fun and any student will be able to make great use of it. More than that, it also comes with a built in camera, so you can take great photos with it as well. Also, it is comparatively cheaper than a laptop and for someone who is mostly on the move, buying this makes more sense than buying a heavy, bulky laptop.


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