Is internet good or bad for the kids?

Internet is a multifaceted thing. Like a coin, it has two sides and you never know which side will turn up! When it comes to kids, one must admit that internet can be quite risky. These days, it is very easy to fall prey to breach of privacy. No parent would like to discover that their child has been opening his heart to some unknown stranger who may be a criminal or, worse, a pedophile. Besides, pornography is another thing which can leave a strong negative impression on the mind of a young bud.

So, internet does come with its demerits. But if parents can do something to eliminate such demerits, then there are many positive elements about it. With the help of net, children can learn better and faster. They can get access to more information and can go beyond the text books. So, if a child has an urge to find out more about an author or about a scientist, he can take the help of Google and satisfy his inquisitive urges!

But in order to be on the safe side, you should always buy a kids laptop. Such a laptop is designed for children and blocks pornographic content. Most of them also come with parental control features which arm you with greater security. Thus, you can exercise greater control over your kid’s internet usage and preferences. So, instead of depriving him of internet, it would be best to hand him a kids laptop. Alternatively, you can also buy a kids tablet! Whatever you buy, make sure to check their features. It would be advisable to invest in a gadget that has Wi-Fi connectivity.

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