Netbook computers: A feasible alternative to a laptop?

When we think of essential must-have gadgets, then the image that erupts in mind instantly is that of a laptop. Surely, all homes must have at least one laptop, unless you are still sticking to those largely redundant desktops. But while a laptop is an all-purpose gadget, it can be quite expensive. Besides, if you are looking for a personal gadget for each member of the family, then it is not financially feasible to buy such an expensive laptop for everybody.


Hence, netbook computers have risen to prominence over the last couple of years. A netbook is less costly and one can even buy it in multiple numbers. It is pretty much like a laptop itself. It is a computer albeit smaller and lighter. The smaller size and lower weight also makes it a very child-friendly gadget.


If you are looking to buy something for your kid so that he can carry it to his school, then a laptop would pose the challenge of size and weight. On the other hand, netbook computers, with their higher mobility, come as ideal alternatives.


Netbooks are definitely cheaper and give you the option to bring one personal gadget for each member of the family. On the downside, a netbook is not as efficient as a laptop. Netbook computers do not have every single feature possessed by a laptop. They are not the best gadgets for professional purposes. But they are excellent and ideal for children and students. So, if your child is wheedling you to buy him a computer, then a netbook is what you should go shopping for!

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