Notebook computer: Does it have a user-friendly screen?

When it comes to notebook computer, there are many notions and perceptions which are floating in the market. Some people have wrong opinions about its features while some are misinformed or are simply too lazy to check on their facts. One issue which requires clarification is the feature of its screen. Those who are used to working over those large-screen laptops and desktops feel that the size of a notebook’s screen is not very adequate. They suffer from the delusion that one will have to strain his eyes and leer into the gadget in order to read the words.

However, that is a very false impression and one that needs to be corrected. A notebook computer has a screen size of around 7 inches. Admittedly, it is much smaller than the one found in giant laptops. But it is not its disadvantage but works towards its advantage. Since its screen size is less, the manufacturers do not need to make a huge body out of it. Thus, we have notebook computers which are very small and light in weight. This also reduces the cost and brings down the sale price of the gadget. So, anyone who cannot afford to invest in a large sized laptop can easily bring home one of these less expensive things.

Besides, even though the screen is small, one does not have to peer into it closely or strain his eyes to read the words. At times, the designers increase the font size and the texture so that it will be convenient to read everything. And less screen space also casts low light and puts less strain on the eyes. One can also save a lot of power in the process which also ensures a longer battery life. So, a notebook computer has a very optimum and friendly screen size.

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