Netbook computers: Are they financially feasible?

A netbook computer is something which is cheap. But at the same time, it is deprived of some features. It is going to have smaller space capacity, less memory and perhaps lower RAM. There won’t be a significant difference and a random user won’t feel bothered since he would still be able to do his work without a glitch. But if you have to carry heavy office work for which you need to save piles and piles of folders, then maybe you should go with those conventional laptops.

Netbook computers are cheaper and a conventional laptop is expensive. The difference stems from the difference in features. So, it will be hard to pinpoint as to which gadget is more financially feasible. It is up to an individual to figure out his requirements and then make a necessary purchase.

But one can say that netbook computers have certain advantages as well over the larger laptops. Netbooks are small and that makes them much friendlier. Just like you love your cell phone because you can carry it around without feeling its weight in your jeans’ pocket, similarly you can always carry your netbooks to places you are going to. One may say that even a laptop could be carried. But then the normal laptops are really hefty in mass and one gets bogged down by its weight. You cannot carry a laptop in your arm and take a stroll in the park. But netbook computers definitely give you some flexibility of movement.

So, even though they may not be perfect for heavy official work, they are the best in the industry when it comes to surfing, socializing or watching pictures and videos. And yes, they are must-have gadgets for students and kids.

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