Netbook Android: How can it help your kids?

If you have got kids at home, then you should seriously start thinking about buying them a netbook Android. These are powerful tech-driven computers which run the Android apps and can be very helpful in their education. These netbooks are cheaper in price and so can be bought even if your hands are tight. A mini netbook can be bought for as little as $100 or approx. The prices will vary depending on the features. But you can be sure of getting more than your money’s worth out of them.

A netbook Android is of adequate size at 7 inches. Despite being adequate, it is smaller than conventional computers. Reduction in screen size does help in bringing down the total price of the device. At the same time, quite a few pounds get sliced off the net weight of the machine. This increases the portability of the computer which can be easily carried by your little son or daughter.

A mini netbook may be small in size but is packed to entertain, educate and surprise. A child can satiate his curiosity, play several educational games, and take homework help from the net. The ultra safety features eliminate the possibility of access to any adult content. These netbooks enjoy a storage space of 4GB which is considered quite well for this young age group. However, if you are looking for a computer for your office work, then this storage space may not be enough. But it is reasonably good to store all the files, folders and songs which your kid may need.


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